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'Star Wars' M.C. Escher Lego model a perfect geek storm

What happens when you combine "Star Wars" and M.C. Escher's crazy staircases into a Lego diorama? Geek heaven.

Detail from Lego diorama
Luke, I am your Lego father!
Paul Vermeesch

Paul Vermeesch is my kind of geek. The longtime Lego tinkerer has captured nerd lightning in a bottle with an elaborate Lego diorama featuring "Star Wars" characters battling it out in a 3D version of M.C. Escher's famous "Relativity" print. Be still my beating heart!

Diorama Tauntaun
It's Tauntaun time. (Click to enlarge.) Paul Vermeesch

The model presents pretty much the entire original "Star Wars" trilogy. You could easily spend hours staring at the staircases and reenacting the movie scenes in your mind with the help of Vermeesch's strategically placed Lego minifigures.

Vermeesch even thought through how the colors reflect the particular film scenes he chose. The delight is in the details. Oh look, there's Luke's detached hand, still clinging to his lightsaber.

Lego Ewoks stand at the ready. Emperor Palpatine scowls in his throne room. There's even a Tauntaun.

With all this "Star Wars" goodness, it could be easy to forget about the Escher angle. Those gravity-defying staircases are all over the diorama, raising it up the level of pure geek concept art. The whole thing is illuminated inside by small lights and the sheer glow of its undeniable awesomeness.

Lego Star Wars diorama
You'll need some time to examine all the details. Paul Vermeesch

(Via Geeks are Sexy)