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'Star Wars' lightsaber thumb-wrestling goes to the digit side

The ancient sport of thumb-wrestling gets a sci-fi upgrade with a lightsaber kit that outfits your thumbs for battle.

Thumb duel
Take that, you Jedi scum!

It's the eternal struggle of good versus evil, but in the end, only one thumb can truly triumph. To emerge as victor, you will need to train hard with your Jedi master teacher, the "Star Wars Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling" book.

The book from Chronicle Books is actually more of a kit. It includes two mini-lightsabers for you and an opponent to strap to your thumbs using Velcro. Two thumb-sized holes go all the way through the book, giving you the proper distance between battling digits.

Flipping the $12.99 book open provides different battlegrounds to test your mettle on, allowing you reenact some of your favorite duels from the movies. This should result in some fast and furious Sith versus Jedi action.

You will have to provide your own lightsaber sound effects, but that shouldn't be a problem since you've been perfecting them since you were 7 years old. I also recommend naming your thumbs before commencing battle. Try "Digit Vader," "Darth Nail," and "Obi Wan Thumbobi."

"Star Wars" thumb-wrestling book
Thumb-wrestling turns epic. Chronicle Books

(Via Nerd Approved)