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'Last Jedi' trailer sparks Force of funny Twitter reactions

Once fans stopped freaking out, they had some jokes to make, and many involved Jar Jar.

Star Wars fans have been waiting for "Last Jedi" footage since Yoda was in diapers. Well, not that long, but you wouldn't know it to judge from the exuberant reaction on social media after the first trailer for episode 8 came out Friday.

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Some fans were thrilled, some disappointed, and in true Twitter fashion, some just cracked some good jokes.

First, fans had to stop hyperventilating and pushing "replay" 5,000 times.

And then they started dissecting the details.

Who is the "Last Jedi" anyway? Maybe not who you think ...

Some fans were concerned about spoilers.

While some found the defining line of the trailer kind of confusing.

And some didn't want to get too excited, based on prior experience.

The new "Last Jedi" poster was also revealed, and came in for critical comment.

"The Last Jedi" opens on Dec. 15.