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'Star Wars' inspires Rodarte's latest runway fashions

Yoda, Jedi, and droids invade New York Fashion Week with geek yet chic dresses designed by Kate and Laura Mulleavy at Rodarte.

To wear a Yoda dress, we want. Rodarte designers were inspired by childhood recollections for their fall/winter 2014 line.
Rodarte, Copyright and trademark Lucasfilm Ltd

It's not every day you see Yoda on the catwalk during New York Fashion Week. Thanks to Rodarte's Fall 2014 Ready-to-Wear collection, that's exactly what journalists and fashion fans saw when models walked out wearing dresses printed with images of Luke Skywalker, Yoda, C-3PO, R2-D2, and the Death Star.

"We wanted to do a collection based off this very ethereal idea of what is childhood nostalgia and thinking about who you were and what you loved, and what you dreamed about -- the way you saw color, the way you remember color, things like that," Rodarte designer Laura Mulleavy told "And we never did anything like that with clothing. It was really fun and exciting."

The homage to a galaxy far, far away isn't as surprising as you might think considering "Star Wars" creator and director George Lucas was spotted in the audience at a Rodarte show in 2012.

Rodarte isn't the first high-end fashion design house to find inspiration within the realm of the Jedi. In 2010, Swedish fashion label Acne's Jonny Johansson revealed that his fashion show in London had taken direct inspiration from the animated series "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," which he watched with his sons.

And whether it was literally inspired by the series or not, actress Kristen Wiig wore a formal gown to the Emmys in 2009 that could have doubled for Darth Vader couture. The name of the designer...isn't what people ended up talking about. Those childhood recollections are powerful.

"I really felt like in a lot of ways this collection for me was about kind of the imagination that you have when you're at a certain age where everything seems possible," Rodarte designer Kate Mulleavy told

(Source: Huffington Post)