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Hear the Star Wars 'Imperial March' played on an arc lighter

Darth Vader's theme song gets a spirited rendition from a modified arc lighter that has gone to the Dark Side.

Arc lighters are a rechargeable, electric alternative to a regular flame lighter. And if you know what you're doing, they can also be made to sing the "Imperial March" from Star Wars. YouTube user PodeCoet posted a video last week showing a modified arc lighter zapping its way through the iconic sci-fi tune.

PodeCoet kindly posted a tutorial to help other coders build their own musical arc lighters. Tinkerers should also heed PodeCoet's safety warning: "This project involves the fondling of a circuit that generates high voltages." Take extreme care.

The safest way to experience the "Imperial March" on an arc lighter is just to watch PodeCoet's video and enjoy it from afar.

Playing the "Imperial March" in unexpected ways (I'm looking at you, 3D printer and screaming toad), has become a YouTube pastime. A recent video showing the song being played on a coffee stirrer racked up 1.7 million views, but later turned out to be fake. The arc lighter video has credibility thanks to the sheer amount of detail in the tutorial. Darth Vader would be proud.