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'Han First Shot': Star Wars director teases start of filming

Take 1! Filming on the Han Solo movie kicks off with a Twitter photo from codirector Chris Miller and a reference to a major Star Wars controversy.

It's really happening. The as-yet-untitled Star Wars spin-off movie about a young Han Solo is now filming. We know this thanks to codirector Chris Miller's Monday tweet showing a clapperboard decked out with details on the movie's very first take.

Miller's written message is simple: "Han First Shot," a reference to the Star Wars fan phrase "Han shot first." In case you need a refresher, this addresses a controversial change made by George Lucas for the 1997 special edition of the first Star Wars movie. The tweak left fans debating whether Solo or the bounty hunter Greedo shot at the other one first.

We have few details to go on as to the substance of the new movie, which is due in theaters in 2018. Alden Ehrenreich steps into the role made famous by Harrison Ford, while veteran actor Woody Harrelson will play a mentor figure for the future smuggler.

The film is shooting under the code name "Red Cup," which is easily visible at the bottom of the clapperboard.

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