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Star Wars 'Force Awakens' cake shines with glowing LED lightsabers

A cake embedded with lightsabers beaming through the frosting illuminates a young Star Wars fan's birthday party.

Happy birthday, indeed.
Lorenzo Wood

We've seen a galaxy full of fantabulous geeky cakes, including this epic Legend of Zelda concoction and this deliciously adorable BB-8 cake. Now, Star Wars fan Lorenzo Wood has pulled off a stunning "Force Awakens" cake complete with working special effects for his son Alexander's ninth birthday.

The first thing you notice about the cake are the light-up LED lightsabers held by Kylo Ren and Finn. The top is an edible, printed sheet customized with "Happy Birthday Alexander" in the recognizable Star Wars title font. A microcontroller runs the lights and lets Wood adjust the pulse rate for Finn's lightsaber. Careful slicing allowed the cake to be cut up with the lights still glowing and intact.

Wood has experimented with lights and cakes before. He created an illuminated stand for a Star Destroyer cake for Alexander's sixth birthday. It gave it the appearance of lighting up around the bottom of the spacecraft. The "Force Awakens" poster cake is Wood's first time integrating lights into the actual baked good.

The poster design wasn't Wood's first choice for the look of the cake.

"I originally planned to do Kylo Ren and Rey with their respective lightsabers. The studio has released no decent pictures of Rey with her lightsaber as far as I can see. Outrageous," Wood tells CNET's Crave blog.

Wood notes that one of the biggest challenges in making the cake was dealing with the hygiene of adding electronic components into an edible treat. "Because you're working in contact with the food you have to be careful. I used foil-lined baking parchment to cover any surfaces that would be in contact with food, including the wires that pass through to the base," he says.

Wood has definitely set a new standard for Star Wars birthday cakes. Soon, we'll start expecting edible light-up X-wing fighters with mechanized wings and BB-8 cakes that actually roll around before you chow down.

(Via Geekologie)