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'Star Wars: Episode VII' tells tale 30 years after 'Jedi'

The highly anticipated "Star Wars" movie directed by J.J. Abrams will be set 30 years after "Return of the Jedi" with new and familiar faces. Shooting principal photography begins in May.

Chewbacca? Han Solo? Luke Skywalker? The upcoming "Star Wars: Episode VII" will take place after events from "Return of the Jedi." Here's hoping for an elderly Ewok battle! Lucasfilm

Some news for fans excited to find out what life is like post-Ewok battles and that metal bikini: Lucasfilm has announced a start date for shooting "Star Wars: Episode VII." Director J.J. Abrams and his team will begin shooting principal photography in May at London's historic Pinewood Studios.

Lucasfilm also announced that "Star Wars: Episode VII" will take place about 30 years after the events of "Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi," and will star "a trio of new young leads along with some very familiar faces."

Whether those faces are Oscar-winner Lupita Nyong'o, "Girls" actor Adam Driver, or whether actors John Boyega, Matthew James Thomas, Ray Fisher, Jesse Plemons, and Ed Speleers are indeed officially vetted for "Star Wars" roles by director J.J. Abrams is anyone's guess. "No further details on casting or plot are available at this time, Lucasfilm said.

Familiar faces to appear in the new "Star Wars" film may include original trilogy stars Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, and Mark Hamill, though they are keeping an air of mystery around the project and their rumored roles. In January on an AMA Reddit interview, Hamill stated, "The only character I know for sure is returning is my friend R2-D2. He hasn't stopped beeping about it."

While casting rumors continue to invade the Web, the best bet for fans wanting to know the truth is to check regularly for announcements like these at the official Lucasfilm site,

"Star Wars: Episode VII" will hit theaters on December 18, 2015.