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Star Wars droid BB-8 falls in love... with an ornament

Get into the holiday spirit by watching the roly-poly "Force Awakens" droid flirt with a Christmas tree ball ornament.

Christmastime means goodwill toward men and peace on earth (hopefully). But for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" droid BB-8, it mean finding true love.

A video, posted on the official Star Wars Facebook page earlier this week, shows the adorable droid -- in Sphero toy form -- rolling around a Christmas tree.

And then he spots his true love hanging from the tree. Little does he realize that his new crush isn't a droid but a Christmas tree ornament.

He flirts in his signature beeping dialect.

Too bad Lucasfilm didn't offer subtitles so we can all enjoy BB-8's best pickup lines. Sadly, when the ornament remains silent, BB-8 mopes off, only to be surprised by a sudden jingle from his beloved.

It's just like the popular British Christmas rom-com "Love Actually," only without those annoying humans.

Now BB-8 just needs to find some mistletoe.