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Star Wars director's mysterious cloak photo stirs up wild speculation

Is it Luke's, or Rey's? Does it portend a major movie death? Does Mark Hamill get a nude scene?

Director Rian Johnson posted this photo Wednesday with the caption, "In the home stretch."

Sometimes, a cloak in a cave is just a cloak in a cave. "Star Wars: Episode VIII" director Rian Johnson posted a photo of a rough tan cloak on a hanger in a cave on Wednesday, and fans have been mulling its importance ever since.

"Episode VIII" won't hit theaters for a year and a half, but principal photography is believed to be in its final stages. That explains Johnson's caption of "In the home stretch."

Many fans believe the cloak, a photo of which was posted on Tumblr, was the one briefly seen on Luke Skywalker in the last minutes of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." But there's at least one other theory.

"It's possible that the cloak belongs to another Jedi like Daisy Ridley's Rey, once she's been trained up by Luke in the film," the UK Express theorized.

Others worried the empty cloak portends doom for Luke in the next movie. On Twitter, @treenhasthal tweeted, "Last time we saw an empty Jedi cloak... It was not a good outcome for the Jedi!"

The cave-like location is coming in for some theories as well. "Could this be the Jedi Temple that Luke is thought to have set out to find after Kylo Ren's betrayal?" asked a writer for

Some fans just had fun with the randomness of the prop. Twitter user @maijasauna joked, "If you strike me down, and then hang my robe up, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine."

And @glovestudios was concerned, writing, "Oh man does this mean @HamillHimself gets a nude scene in #episodeviii?"

But Johnson himself only responded to one tweet, in which @jayrunham asked, "it's fair to assume that's YOUR cape, right?"

"The crew thought it was weird for the first few months," Johnson responded. "But eventually they kept thinking it was weird."