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Darth Vader battles Buzz Lightyear: Who wins?

An unlikely collision of two fictional universes gives us a live-action fight between iconic Star Wars villain Darth Vader and "Toy Story" hero Buzz Lightyear.

When it comes to hypothetical sci-fi fights between characters from completely different universes, I would probably pair up Captain Kirk and Boba Fett or Chewbacca and the Gorn. YouTube channel Nukazooka went for a less obvious matchup of Darth Vader from Star Wars and toy space ranger Buzz Lightyear from Pixar and Disney's "Toy Story" films.

Nukazooka's video, posted on Wednesday, features two cosplaying men dressed as Darth Vader and Buzz Lightyear duking it out with the help of some nifty special effects. There's plenty of lightsaber, arm laser, force-choking and hand-to-hand combat action on display.

We may never get to see an official Lightyear-versus-Vader fight, but it's not outside the realm of possibility since Disney now owns both franchises.

I won't spoil the ending by telling you who wins, but get ready for a surprisingly sweet cameo for the finale.

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