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'Star Trek' transporter set is cosplay for bathrooms

Scrub down with a "Star Trek" transporter-themed shower curtain and bath mat.

"Star Trek" transporter set
Do you leave your pointy ears on when you shower?

People shouldn't have all the fun when it comes to "Star Trek" cosplay. Your bathroom deserves a classic sci-fi makeover, too. The easiest way to get it done is with a $50 transporter shower mat and curtain.

The ThinkGeek exclusive set uses the transporter room look from the original series. The mat matches the floor while the curtain acts like a backdrop, filling out the rest of the room. In a perfect world, this would be a working set, so that every time you stepped into the shower, you ended up transported down to the surface of an alien world. It would be fascinating. Naked, but fascinating.

The set is officially licensed and both the curtain and bath mat are made from polyester. Unfortunately, you will have to provide your own transporter sound effects. You will also have to hire your own guy with a Scottish accent to stand there in a red shirt and operate the controls. If you're into that sort of thing.

While the obvious market for this product is "Star Trek" fans, it could also make for a great prank to play on a die-hard "Star Wars" fan buddy of yours. Energize!