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'Star Trek: TNG' meets 'Aliens' in upcoming comic book series

They mostly come at night, mostly, but this new comic miniseries is coming in April. Watch your backs, red-shirted ensigns.

A new comic book series will cross "Aliens" with "The Next Generation." Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) would probably have some tips for the Star Trek crew.
Twentieth Century Fox

There are plenty of ways to die horribly in space. Just ask any red-shirted ensign from "Star Trek," if you have time before he or she gets shot out an airlock, vaporized by a Gorn or burned up by a Horta.

But now one of the worst ways to die in space is coming to the Star Trek universe. The characters from "Star Trek: The Next Generation" will meet the acid-bleeding, face-hugging, chest-bursting xenomorphs from "Aliens" in a new comic book miniseries, "Acceptable Losses," coming out in April.

Dirk Wood of IDW Publishing and Matt Parkinson of Dark Horse Comics announced the news Friday at London's MCM Comic Con.

Few details were given, and no pages released, but brothers Scott and David Tipton will write the comic, with J.K. Woodward as the artist.

And hat tip to whoever at Gizmodo photoshopped a drooling Alien facing down Commander Data. That's not an actual scene from the comic of course, but it gets at the heart of what fans want to see. Not sure even Data's positronic brain can get him out of this one.

(Via Bleeding Cool)