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'Star Trek' is boring, 'Star Wars' fan Donald Faison tells Conan

On an episode of "Conan" Monday, self-proclaimed "Star Wars" fan Donald Faison says "Star Wars" is much more compelling than "Star Trek."

"Star Wars" and "Star Trek" fans, it seems, will always argue over which is the superior science fiction franchise. Former "Scrubs" and "The Exes" actor Donald Faison is strongly in the "Star Wars" camp, and made the bold statement on "Conan" on Monday that "Star Trek" is pretty boring.

Faison argued that "Star Wars" is full of action and fantasy, while "Star Trek" is much more focused on "kinda lame" science action. When you compare "Star Wars" lightsaber battles and epic starfighter combat scenes with the action scenes in "Star Trek," Faison says, you find that "Star Wars" is much more entertaining. Even space travel itself is better in "Star Wars," according to Faison. "The Millennium Falcon did all these spins and everything and the Starship Enterprise just went straight," he told Conan.

Faison then went on to show the audience an actual fight scene from "Star Trek," and he and Conan made fun of how slowly the alien in "Star Trek" was moving. "I would fight that alien," Conan says in the clip, laughing at how slowly the alien throws punches at Captain Kirk. "I'd be eating an ice cream cone dodging him."

Check out the full clip from Monday night's show at the top of this post, then be sure to take to the comments and tell us why you think "Star Wars" or "Star Trek" is the superior sci-fi series.

This face captures exactly what Donald Faison really thinks of "Star Trek." Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET