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'Star Trek' horn is enough to rile aliens

Worst of all words collide as Trekkies meet ringtones.


In case anyone was wondering, the ringtone craze is officially out of control. Well past their cell-phone roots, custom tunes for home land lines are just one example of a phenomenon that has even extended to doorbells. But its application in car horns are clearly the worst of the bunch.

And accessories such as the "Wolo 485 Star Trek Air Horn," we fear, may indicate that the trend is gaining in popularity. For better or worse, this device blares only one tune with its five air trumpets--the theme from the final frontier--similar to the custom old-school horns that played the likes of the opening notes of The Godfather theme.

Given universal obession with all things Star Trek, however, the Wolo 485 has the potential to go where no horn has gone before--at 118 decibels the whole way, according to Geek Alerts. If alien life forms were to launch an attack in retaliation, their actions would be perfectly justified.