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'Star Trek: Discovery' is name of new Trek series, featuring a new ship, the USS Discovery

The title of the 2017 CBS TV series is revealed at Comic-Con, along with a new spacecraft for the Trek crew.

The future of the Star Trek universe will be full of Discovery...the USS Discovery that is.

"Star Trek: Discovery" is the name of the 2017 CBS All Access series, which continues Trek's television adventures.

"Star Trek: Discovery" is the name of the 2017 CBS All Access series, which continues Trek's television adventures.


The ship was unveiled as part of the Star Trek 50th anniversary panel Saturday at San Diego Comic-Con, where the name of the 2017 CBS TV series was also unveiled: "Star Trek: Discovery."

Showrunner Bryan Fuller said at a later event that the new series will take place in the "prime" timeline, which is the one broken away from by the 2009 "Star Trek" film. (The video above does not appear to be available in all countries; it has been reuploaded elsewhere, including here.)

"I feel like what the new series has to do is continue to be progressive, continue to push boundaries," Fuller said to the packed Hall H crowd.

The series is set to debut its premiere episode on CBS in January before streaming the rest of its season on CBS All Access in the US. Episodes will stream a day later on Netflix internationally. (Disclosure: CBS is CNET's parent company.)

Saturday's panel was also a who's who of the Star Trek universe, with William Shatner (from the original "Star Trek" series), Michael Dorn ("Star Trek: The Next Generation" and "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"), Brent Spiner ("Star Trek: The Next Generation"), Jeri Ryan ("Star Trek: Voyager") and Scott Bakula ("Star Trek: Enterprise").

The former Star Trek actors recounted memories of their time on the series, with Dorn contributing an anecdote that the iPad was reportedly inspired by Star Trek tech.

And Shatner's favorite species in the Star Trek universe is the tribbles, the creatures that inspired a 50th anniversary beer currently available on draft at Comic-Con.

CNET's Richard Nieva contributed to this story.