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'Star Trek Beyond' final trailer is out, but you may not want to watch it

With the movie's release just days away, star and co-writer Simon Pegg is urging fans to stay away from promos.

Simon says...don't watch the trailers!

Simon Pegg, writer and star of the new "Star Trek Beyond" movie opening on Friday in the US and UK and on Thursday in Australia, sent a tweet on Sunday urging fans to avoid future trailers and TV ads for the film unless they want plot points to be spoiled.

His tweet was timely, because on Monday, both a new final trailer (No. 4) and a new TV spot came out. And at least one fan site, Redshirts Never Die, is echoing Pegg's words, warning that the new 30-second TV spot, "Be Ready," spoils a major plot point from the film. Some Trek fans are saying the same about the fourth official trailer, embedded below.

"WTF!!!! so i know the movie before even going to see it," YouTube viewer thejamsterx wrote about the TV spot.

Others were set to beam down, spoilers or no. "This trailer blew me away," Davide Gagliardi wrote. "Why can't I time warp to Thursday? Some captain in the future come get me."

You'll have to make your own peace with whether you can handle spoilers, but the final full-length trailer includes typical Kirk witticisms, plenty of action, sneak peeks at most major crew members, and a typical Kirk-Bones dialogue that ends in a rimshot. How long till Friday again?