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15(ish) times we were confused by a Star Trek episode

Podcast: Happy birthday Star Trek! Let's celebrate by revisiting some old favorites.


On a day so important to television, sci-fi and, well, us, we decided to celebrate by attempting to watch the pilot of every Star Trek series and then discuss. Or at least, that was the idea. We made it through our favorites (the original and "The Next Generation," of course) but then we got a little side-tracked.

And before you ask, yes, our opening theme today was a gem and you can find it here. Chris Thompson is also a gem and great at singing with himself.

For more fun Star Trek things, check out these awesome in-depth interviews with stars of the series and a look at what tech we still don't have (all I want it a replicator). Plus the 10 best episodes of the OG series as voted by actual human fans (well, I assume human, but who knows), and everything we've been working on to celebrate 50 years of Star Trek.

Amok Time (s2e1)

Download the audio version of Continuity Error.