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Star Trek at 50: Artists celebrate the final frontier

Set phasers to stunning: 50 artists create a range of art you're going to want in your starship quarters.


It's time to put the "art" in Star Trek.

To celebrate a half-century of the classic sci-fi series, which was first broadcast in September 1966, a range of artists were invited to pay tribute to the crew of the starship Enterprise in an exhibition called Star Trek 50 Artists 50 Years. Click through our slideshow below to see a selection of stunning images.

The touring exhibition made its debut at San Diego Comic-Con last week. In August, it's beaming to Las Vegas then Toronto, New York and Birmingham in the UK. You can find more tour details here.

Illustrators, comic artists and video game designers are among the talented individuals chosen to depict their favourite elements of Star Trek. The art encompasses the range of Star Trek history, from the first, unaired pilot to "The Original Series" to "The Next Generation" and beyond.

Movie-style posters sit alongside cartoons and graphic designs, as well as sculptures and 3D pieces. The show's wit is celebrated with fun pieces that remember the crew's finest moments and the ill-fated redshirts. Action and thrills are also evoked as villains and monsters like Khan, the Gorn and the Borg challenge the Enterprise crew. And through it all flies the starship Enterprise, boldly going where no one has gone before.

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