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Stanford University lab creates fatigue-fighting VR headset (Tomorrow Daily 222)

Ashley and Khail explain how Stanford University's VR headset hopes to solve fatigue and motion sickness hurdles, discuss one man's journey to turn his broken leg into a futuristic cast and watch Disney Research blow their minds with new video algorithms.

Two of the main challenges for VR headset manufacturers are keeping people from getting motion sickness, and fighting eye fatigue as the user wears the headset for extended periods of time. A Stanford University team is hoping to help solve those problems through their "Light Field Stereoscope," which uses two LCD screens (as opposed to many headsets' single OLED screen) to give users' eyes a chance to experience more natural depth perception while wearing the device. It's fascinating stuff, and we'll try to break down the science for you.

We're also checking out a futuristic cast that's equal parts impressive and silly. When Mike North broke his leg, he didn't want to deal with the limitations of either type of traditional cast, so he turned to Fathom Studio to help him create a custom, 3D-printed cast with Bluetooth speakers and a bunch of sensors inside. It's amazing what the Intel Edison chip can power these days, isn't it?

Lastly, but definitely not least, Disney Research is back in the news with an incredible leap forward in video processing. They have an algorithm that can do myriad things to video that previously wasn't possible. This algorithm can denoise, refocus, deblur and even remove objects and people from casual video scenes. Imagine if every video (no matter if it was shot on a smartphone or an expensive camera) looked like a pro shot it.

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222: Stanford University lab creates fatigue-fighting VR headset

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