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Stainless-steel TV for multi-tasking cooks

It's not 50 inches, but at least you won't miss a game.


Not everyone can afford the luxury of having a TV built into the fridge, microwave, or even the range hood. And that's nothing short of a crime at this time of year, in the thick of football, basketball, and hockey. But for some reason, we hear that some finicky spouses frown on the idea of a 50-inch plasma mounted above the sink.

There's one possible compromise in this stainless-steel LCD TV, a set designed to fit in with the rest of the kitchen appliances. It's only 20 inches, but that's massive compared with anything that'll fit on a toaster, coffee maker, or one of those under-cabinet pop-down models that seem so 2004. The product literature describes it as an HDTV, though it doesn't provide its resolution or other technical details. Still, it does come with a water-resistant remote, which is rapidly becoming a must-have accessory in every American household.