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Squishy Forts: Magnetic pillow forts for adults

Build a castle in your living room with the Squishy Forts pillows and their magnetic connectors.

Squishy Forts pillow fort
Make your own "Game of Thrones" imaginary castle.
Ross Currie

Pillow forts are childhood classics. You may be all grown up now, but I'll bet you still look longingly at your couch sometimes and imagine dismantling it, draping some blankets, and crawling into your hideout with a flashlight and some comic books.

The Squishy Forts Kickstarter project wants to become the Lego of the pillow fort world. The fort sets come in chunks of square and column building pillows with built-in rare-earth magnets to help the structures stay together. When you're done with them, they pile together into a square, covered ottoman. Nobody needs to know you're still building pillow forts despite growing up.

The pillows are made from foam with cloth covering. A basic set with six columns and four squares costs about $130 and includes worldwide shipping. The project is based in Australia.

Squishy Forts should have a great appeal for adults (and kids) who are used to working with substandard building materials such as misshapen couch cushions and throw pillows. You will still have to provide your own blankets to create roofing and flooring material.

Squishy Forts in ottoman
Here's a Squishy Fort getting zipped into an ottoman. Ross Currie