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Squish a zombie from a safe distance with Skull Tongs

A bizarre DIY contraption designed to take out zombies with skull-crushing power gets a test run on a zombie head.

Skull Tongs
Joerg Sprave tests the Skull Tongs. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Everybody has a different idea of what the perfect weapon for the zombie apocalypse would be. Perhaps the ideal item would be something that doesn't wear down, run out of ammo or need sharpening. Joerg Sprave, proprietor of the Slingshot Channel on YouTube, has created just such a device, a hammering contraption called the "Skull Tongs."

The Skull Tongs consist of two balls on swinging arms with a piece of rubber between them. These act like a couple of hammers. The arms are attached to a long board. Pull back the arms, locate your zombie and press the trigger to solve your undead problem.

Sprave is known for his bonkers slingshot creations, including multi-round slingshot gadgets. He's been working on a way to dispatch zombies for some time now. Back in 2011, he unveiled a slingshot zombiehammer with skull ejector feature. The problem with that is you would need to get up close to your chosen zombie. Not fun. The Skull Tongs, however, give you a good amount of distance to work with.

Sprave tested his tongs on a champagne bottle and completely destroyed it, calling it "a smashing success." He later tried them on a model of a zombie skull with satisfying results. "It is, of course, completely impractical and useless, but a lot of fun," he said.

The Skull Tongs have a certain level of zombie entertainment value, but there are some limitations to their effectiveness. Anyone dealing with modern zombies with super speed is likely to have trouble getting the gadget up and into position before getting eaten. If you're dealing with slow shuffling zombies, it could work well for one-on-one combat. Should the zombie apocalypse ever commence, at least there will be people like Sprave out there coming up with creative ways to stay alive.