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Squeezing the juice: Girt by CNET podcast 107

This week the Girt team talks Silicon Valley flight and flubs and enormous Lego Death Stars. Not a euphemism.


It's been a big week for Silicon Valley. Juicero's "hackable" juice bags and Unroll.Me's on-selling of user data both offered up masterclasses in non-statements. Sergey Brin announced plans for an airship. Uber, not to be beaten to the punch, has partnered up to deliver flying cars in some kind of escalating Wacky Races scenario.

We also had the chance to speak with second-generation Lego Master Builder Chris Steininger ahead of his huge build in Sydney this weekend: a record-breaking 2.5-metre diameter Death Star. Chris chats with us about his process, his lifelong obsession with Lego and that one time he built a life-size X-wing.

Girt by CNET podcast 107

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