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Squeezebox Duet firmware update fixes connectivity issues

The latest firmware update for the Logitech Squeezebox Duet seems to have finally resolved the remote's Wi-Fi problems.

The latest firmware update seems to fix Wi-Fi isssues on the Duet Controller--shown on the left in its recharging cradle.

The Logitech Squeezebox Duet was given an enthusiastic Editors' Choice award when CNET reviewed it back in March of 2008. But the audio streamer is a two-part product that's heavily reliant on Wi-Fi (both the iPod-like remote and the base station communicate to each other--and your home network--wirelessly). And many users have experienced a problem wherein the Controller (the remote) fails to reconnect to the network or recognize the Squeezebox base station after "waking up" from a period of inactivity. The issue has been widely reported online, from CNET's user reviews to Logitech's own support forums.

After several earlier attempts to fix the problem, it looks as if Logitech's finally hit the jackpot. Version 7.3.3 of the firmware was made available earlier this week, and it's added major stability improvements to the Duet's wireless connectivity. We've tested it for the past several days, and haven't experienced a single dropped connection since installing it. The remote reconnected to the network every time, even when we left it off of the recharging cradle for hours or cycled the power (both of which tended to cause problems in the past).

Bottom line: This long overdue fix for the Duet looks like it's finally squashed an elusive bug that was hobbling an otherwise superb product for a large number of users. If you're a Squeezebox Duet owner, make sure to upgrade the firmware as soon as possible.

Current or former Duet owners are invited to share their thoughts--and any hands-on experience with the 7.3.3. firmware--below.