Squad goals: 'Suicide Squad' brings in $260 million on opening weekend

The flick has earned back its production budget and then some -- despite it not being a popular choice among critics.

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Warner Bros.

"Suicide Squad" has fallen flat with critics, but it's long been true that you don't need 5-star reviews to bring in the dosh. Just ask Adam Sandler.

The film topped the US box office on its opening weekend, generating $135.1 million, according to comScore. It was also No. 1 globally, bringing in $267.1 million worldwide.

"Suicide Squad", which sees villains from the DC comic universe like Deadshot and Harley Quinn form a team and complete missions for the government, has now blown past its production budget of $175 million. There's no telling how many millions Warner Bros. spent marketing the flick, though.

There could be bad news to follow, as well. "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice", DC's other blockbuster film of 2016, raked in $166.1 million during its US opening weekend back in March -- but that was followed by a huge 69 percent domestic dip the following weekend.

To compare it to Marvel's big hits of the year, "Deadpool" and "Captain America: Civil War" grossed $132.4 million and $179.1 million in their respective US opening weekends.