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Spy clock feeds paranoia

Up to six can be networked in wireless system


Here at Crave, we stay paranoid so you don't have to. Where else, for example, can you find cautionary notes about an eavesdropping table lamp and a spy-cam clock in one place?

The latter was brought to our attention by Chip Chick, who says the "WiLife Spy Camera" is the "only networked camera concealed in a digital alarm clock." (Talk about esoteric claims.)

So far as we can tell, it's pretty much like other Wi-Fi spy cams we've seen that send video feeds back to a remote PC or other screen. The option of expanding the system with up to six "clocks" is a novel one, though we think it might arouse some suspicion if the same clock is seen all over the house.

If you identify these voyeuristic timepieces in your own abode, at least you have a chance to get out of their range of vision. But if you see one of these "Spykes" rolling around, you're doomed.