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Sprint sells out of entry-level iPhone 4S models

The carrier says it's sold out of its entire allotment of 16GB iPhone 4S models ahead of this week's launch, giving those who want to pre-order a device directly from the carrier to go with another model, or wait to buy one in stores.

Sprint lists the entry-level 16GB iPhone 4S model as sold out for preordering.
Sprint lists the entry-level 16GB iPhone 4S model as sold out for preordering.

Four days ahead of the iPhone 4S' launch, Sprint now says it's sold out of pre-orders for the entry-level model of the device.

In a statement issued to CNET, as well as other outlets, a Sprint spokeswoman said that the company has sold out of both the black and white versions of the 16GB iPhone 4S, and that just the 32GB and 64GB models are still in stock for those who wish to get the device on its release day.

"It is important to note that Sprint is not taking backorders of our iPhone devices," the spokeswoman said in a statement. "Sprint is committed to delivering devices to our pre-order customers on or very near the time of launch and also making these devices available for purchase on launch day--Friday, October 14. Apple and other carriers may continue to take pre-orders that will be delivered to the customer at a later time."

Despite a luke-warm response by some following its unveiling at an event last week, the iPhone 4S has gone on to become Apple's fastest moving device ahead of its release. In a statement issued this morning, Apple said it, along with its carrier partners, sold more than 1 million iPhone 4S preorders in the first 24 hours it was on sale, building on AT&T's announcement on Friday that it had moved more than 200,000 orders in half that time.

This is Sprint's first time offering Apple's iPhone. The company joins Verizon, which began selling the iPhone 4 in February of this year, as launch partners for a new Apple device. Last year's model launched in the U.S. only on AT&T's network. The iPhone 4S goes on sale this Friday at 8 a.m. Pacific.