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Sprint HTC Touch Pro delayed

Sprint says the HTC Touch Pro launch date has been delayed until the end of October and will not ship on October 19.


Back at CTIA Fall 2008, Sprint announced that it would offer the HTC Touch Pro smartphone with an expected ship date of October 19. Well, with the date drawing close, I thought I'd check in with Sprint to see about getting a review unit; plus, I wanted to dispel a nasty rumor I had been hearing about a delayed launch. Friends, it's no rumor. The Touch Pro will not be available on the 19, but now we're looking to see the Windows Mobile 6.1 device around the end of October/early November. Here is the statement from my Sprint contact:

"Sprint expects to slightly delay launch of the Touch Pro by HTC to ensure we have adequate inventory in all channels before making the device commercially available. Customers can expect the device to become available in select national retailers by the end of the month and then in all Sprint sales channels including online at www.sprint.com and Sprint Stores by early November."

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I have a feeling people are willing to wait for the Touch Pro ... as long as it's not delayed again (*cough, cough, BlackBerry Bold, cough, cough.*)