Spreading the Apple religion

Apple enthusiasts can perhaps become a bit too evangelical....

So, I'm sitting on the 1 Train from Midtown heading Downtown (New York). My colleague, Jeff Cramer, has just said to me, "Bad news, Matt. The deal with xxxx is dead." It was a deal that we hadn't put much effort into, so it wasn't a big deal.

Except, perhaps, to this Italian lady who immediately approached Jeff and pushed a pamphlet in his face, urging him to "Read this. It will solve your problems."

Now, I've been a missionary, and I know what it is to approach people on the street and talk to them about religion when all they're really thinking about is getting home, watching TV, and falling asleep.

But I was a bit annoyed.

Until, however, I saw the religion she was hawking. The pamphlet turned out to be a brochure detailing the training courses offered at the local Apple store. She gushed for the next five minutes on the train about this wonderful place (the Apple store) where they help you solve your (computer) problems. She even said, "I've been looking for this sort of place for the last seven years!"

Maybe i should have tried preaching Mac OS X for those two years.... ;-)