Spotted at Olympics: Mario the plumber made US curling team

It's-a me! Fortunately, American curler Matt Hamilton has mushroom in his heart for the jokes about his video game doppelganger.

Gael Fashingbauer Cooper
CNET freelancer Gael Fashingbauer Cooper, a journalist and pop-culture junkie, is co-author of "Whatever Happened to Pudding Pops? The Lost Toys, Tastes and Trends of the '70s and '80s," as well as "The Totally Sweet '90s." If Marathon candy bars ever come back, she'll be first in line.
Gael Fashingbauer Cooper

It's that time once every four years when Americans pretend we know what curling is. But one thing we do know: the sport is even more fun to watch when "It's-a me, Mario!" is playing.

American curler Matt Hamilton definitely resembles the video game plumber Mario from Super Mario Brothers fame, and even his own team is proclaiming it.

It helps that the curling stone somewhat resembles a plunger.

Or a magic mushroom.

Fans are ready to play along.

A few fans saw other doppelgängers for Hamilton. Maybe Ron Swanson from "Parks and Recreation"...

Andy Reid, coach of the Kansas City Chiefs...

Taylor Lewan from the Tennessee Titans...

Rod Farva from "Super Troopers"...

Or Chef Matty Matheson from Canada's show "Dead Set on Life."

Fortunately, Hamilton himself didn't seem bothered by the matchup.

You can watch Matt "Super Mario 4 Life" Hamilton curl again on Feb. 14, when the U.S. takes on host country Korea. Here's his whole schedule, if you mustache.