Washington Football Team gets a new name: Washington Commanders

The NFL team has replaced its outdated former name.

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The Washington Commanders keep their traditional burgundy and gold team colors.

Washington Commanders

The Washington Football team has a new name: You can now call 'em the Washington Commanders.

The NFL team had been known for decades as the Washington Redskins, but finally dropped the racist and outdated name in July 2020.  The new name was announced Wednesday by team president Jason Wright. 

The Commanders will continue to wear their signature burgundy and gold team colors, complete with a new logo inspired by military insignia.

While playing with an interim name for two seasons, the 90-year-old NFL franchise received more than 40,000 suggestions, which yielded 1,200 potential names. That was whittled down to 50, which were tested in focus groups with season ticket holders, players and others. Other shortlisted contenders included RedWolves, Admirals, Generals, Armada and Presidents.