Tom Brady sends Twitter 🐐wild, puts the Patriots into the Super Bowl

He's done it again.

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Tom Brady just did it again. He put the Patriots into the Super Bowl and a torrent of 🐐 emojis filled the Twittersphere. From pro athletes to Ninja to the President of the United States, everyone was singing Brady's praises with one simple emoji.

With 54 seconds left on the clock, the New England Patriots trailed the Kansas City Chiefs 28-24. Tom Brady, quarterback for the Patriots, had just had a completed pass overruled. On third and ten, he threw a pass that bounced out of the hands of and lobbed into a Chiefs player's hands, but the intercept was overruled. Some were happy.

Two plays later, the Patriots scored a touchdown as Rex Burkhead ran one in, and scored on the conversion, to put them ahead 31-28.  

And so the flood began. The G.O.A.T, Greatest Of All Time, 🐐, emojis started flooding in.

Should we have seen this coming? The Patriots and their caprine leader Brady have been here before. So many times. They were calm, focused. Ready to go.

With 39 seconds left on the clock, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes had a chance to put the team on his back and get them close enough to score a field goal and level the game. Could the young potential-MVP get the job done? He got them close enough. Harrison Butker, who has missed only three field goals all season, had a chance to tie the game from 39 yards. And like Game of Thrones Night King, the bloke was absolutely ice cold.

So, the game would go to overtime. After the earlier game between the Los Angeles Rams and the New Orleans Saints also went to overtime, we were heading into uncharted territory. All of us, together. 

Would it be the 🐐 or the Chiefs Kid who put their team into the Super Bowl?  A 41 year old superhuman-robot-arm attached to a man versus a sparkly-eyed 23 year old with the hopes and dreams of not just Kansas City, but most of the nation on his back.

The Patriots won the overtime coin toss and received the ball -- so all they needed to do was score and they'd win. A task that some see as, well, impossible.

The Patriots, on the back of Tom Brady throwing absolute darts to Edelman and Gronkowski, made it down the field and then across the line, for the touchdown that sealed Kansas City's fate. The Patriots would be going to the Super Bowl. I don't even remember the final score. It was lost in a torrent of more GOAT emojis. 

Some even mistakingly conflated Brady's greatness with extraterrestrials or mythical beings of yore. 

"I'm tired, that was a hell of a game," Brady said after the game before thanking his family for love and support. Amazingly, he didn't let out any bleats. How he kept his hircine form from bursting out of its human skin I will never know. The win adds another illustrious note to his storied career, and at 41, nothing is slowing him down.

Some will tell you that he threw two interceptions during the game and only one touchdown. Others will tell you that all sports are bad and that you should not watch them. I will tell you that it doesn't matter to Tom Brady. Tom Brady is the Capra Demon. Tom Brady is the Final Boss. Tom Brady is the Black Hole at the centre of the Milky Way. 

And the Patriots are into their ninth Super Bowl in 18 years. Even the President of the United States decided to weigh in.

After another historic win, Brady ascends. He is more than man. He has become Goat.


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