Jake Paul Loses to Tommy Fury in Split Decision

Paul lost, but still managed to score a knockdown.

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Jake Paul being hit by a left jab from Tommy Fury.

Jake Paul (left) has lost for the very first time.

Francois Nel/Getty Images

Jake Paul has lost a boxing match for the first time.

He was largely outclassed in his first decision loss as a professional boxer. Tommy Fury, the brother of current heavyweight champ Tyson Fury, used a stiff jab to keep his opponent at bay in a fight where Paul looked noticeably slower than his opponent. The judges scored it 76-73, 76-73 for Fury, with a lone dissenting judge scoring it 74-75 for Paul.

But the biggest moment of the fight belonged to Paul, who scored a knockdown in the final round of an eight-round contest. Paul's other big moments largely came via his overhand right -- the same right hand that's knocked out fighters like Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren. Regardless, Paul looked a little out of his depth against a more technical fighter in Fury.

"Tonight I make my own legacy," Fury said, in a post-fight interview, dedicating the fight to his newborn daughter. "I had a dream, I had a vision I'd win this fight. This was my destiny, this was my fate."

Fury also added he would be happy to give Jake Paul a rematch.

"All due respect to Tommy, he won," said Paul, saying he believed he'd won the decision. Paul added that he felt flat in the ring and mentioned being sick throughout camp.

"Let's run it back," said Paul, confirming that he planned to exercise his rematch clause. "Don't judge me by my wins. Judge me by my losses. I'll come back."

It was an entertaining fight, in which both fighters suffered confusing point deductions at the hands of the referee. Paul showed real resilience, staying on his feet after receiving a number of heavy shots. But Fury was a deserving winner, out-landing and out-throwing Paul for the majority of the match.

With the win, Fury extended his undefeated record to nine wins and zero losses. Paul's record is now six wins and one loss.