High jump event at the Tokyo Olympics ends with unprecedented shared gold

Mutaz Essa Barshim and Gianmarco Tamberi shared the most heartwarming moment of the Tokyo Olympics so far,

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Gianmarco Tamberi of Italy celebrates winning gold in the high jump at the Tokyo Olympics.

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Sport can be savage. Sport can be brutal. But sometimes sport also throws up moments that reinvigorate your faith in humanity. 

On Sunday the high jump event at the Tokyo Olympics provided a moment just like that. 

Mutaz Essa Barshim from Qatar and Gianmarco Tamberi from Italy were the last men standing in the final of the men's high jump event on Sunday. Both had successfully cleared the 2.37-meter mark and both also couldn't clear 2.39 meters, using up all three attempts.

Which served up a conundrum: Who wins? Officials offered Barshim and Tamberi two options. They could take part in jump-off, to decide a winner, or they could share the gold medal.
They chose to share the gold medal and the moment they decided to do so is perhaps the most wholesome moment of the Tokyo Olympics so far...

"Can we have two golds?" Barshim asked. The answer was yes.

Some of the shots in the aftermath of the decision shows how much it meant to these two athletes.


The moment both athletes realized they could share gold.

Tim Clayton/Corbis/Getty Images

Gianmarco Tamberi had missed the last Olympics due to injury.

Tim Clayton/Corbis/Getty Images

Barshim celebrating his win.

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"I look at him, he looks at me and we know it. We just look at each other and we know, that is it, it is done. There is no need," Barshim said, in an interview afterwards.

"He is one of my best friends, not only on the track, but outside the track. We work together."
Online, people reacted to one of the most emotional moments of the Tokyo Olympics so far.

 Sport is good.