Sportiiiis turn sunglasses into workout data center

The device, which clips onto your sunglasses, uses sound and LEDs to tell you how hard you're working out, so you won't need to take your eyes from the road.

The Sportiiiis heads-up display uses LED lights and sound to give athletes info on their body rhythms.

If you like adding tech to your outdoor workout, 4iiii Innovations has a nifty gadget that can turn virtually any pair of sunglasses into a heads-up display, or HUD.

Recently shown off at Interbike 2011 expo in Las Vegas, Sportiiiis ("sport eyes" and, yes, it's four i's as in four eyes) is a body rhythm monitor that adds LEDs in seven colors to your shades.

The device clips to the arm of a pair of sunglasses and communicates performance info via a small boom that extends to the eyepiece.

The waterproof unit works with ANT+ wireless sensor network data to monitor heart rate, pace, and other variables while cycling or jogging.

Users set their preferred heart rate and then the LEDs indicate when they've reached it, go beyond it, or fall short of it. You can also get audio info on how hard you're pumping by tapping the device.

A great feature about this HUD is it won't display distracting imagery that could take your eyes off the road, and there's no need to glance down at readouts mounted on handlebars or your wrist.

The Sportiiiis HUD will be available in early November starting at $199.

(Via Gizmag)