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Spoilsports rejoice: Olwimpics wipes Olympics from your browser

If you're suffering from online Olympics overload, let the Olwimpics browser extension shield Olympics news from your tender eyes.

Olwimpics in action
What, there's something happening in London right now?
Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Ah, the Olympics. We get three weeks of athletic prowess, medal counts, moving personal stories, and slow-motion replay of swimmers touching the side of the pool. If you can't stand yet another headline about sporting glory, turn to the Olwimpics browser extension for relief.

Olwimpics' sole purpose in life is to expunge the Olympics from your browsing experience. It's available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. It thoughtfully covers up keywords with Olympics-color blocks, though it doesn't make the accompanying images disappear.

This is the perfect extension for people who can't stand the relentless Olympics coverage invading nearly every Web site, but I think of it more as a productivity tool.

As a longtime Olympics fan, I have to tear myself away from reading up on women's boxing, watching the medal count, and digging around for shot-put videos. This plug-in will help keep me on task with my work.

The extension isn't perfect. Besides images, certain keywords like "Michael Phelps," "breaststroke," and "gymnasts" still leak through, but Olwimpics does a decent job with hiding the big stuff. I would give it a bronze.

(Via BoingBoing)