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Spock's spacesuit sells for $10,100

A banner day for nerds across the universe


What a day for date repellants. Just hours after we mentioned the "Lightsaber Umbrella" did we hear of another ill-advised purchase, one that would be the envy of every nerd at the convention: Spock's spacesuit.

As noted by Spluch, an eBay auction that ended today claimed to have the "authentic spacesuit featured prominently in Star Trek I: The Motion Picture when 'Spock' (Leonard Nimoy) left the Enterprise to conduct a mindmeld with the 'V' Ger Probe." Wow. The frightening thing is there are people out there who will instantly recognize this scene by that description, reciting the script verbatim.

And how do we know that? Just look at the bidding--the suit was sold for $10,100.03. (Not including $30 shipping.) The proof is in the Vulcan pudding.