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Spock oven mitt: For food hot out of the replicator

Cook long and parboil. The Spock oven mitt goes where no Vulcan hand has gone before: into your kitchen to help you get hot stuff safely off the stove.

Spock oven mitt in action
Mmm, space cookies.

Food generally isn't too big of a deal in the "Star Trek" universe unless you're talking about tribbles eating all the quadrotriticale or Picard ordering up a hot cup of tea to go with his space scones.

All those Enterprise crew members still have to eat and that means there's going to be some hot food coming out of the replicators. That also means you're going to need a space-worthy oven mitt. A Spock oven mitt. The $14.99 oversize Spock hand has just enough blue uniform on the cuff to designate its rank.

The Spock oven mitt is made from cotton on the outside and polyester on the inside. It may or may not be able to deliver a Vulcan neck pinch to your sous chef.

This item is likely to make its way into holiday gift boxes for "Star Trek" fans everywhere, but it would probably be best to leave it out of the stocking for your favorite Klingon. It seems Klingons tend to prefer their food raw and still squirming.

If you really want to go all in, I'd recommend accessorizing your Spock oven mitt with some tribble slippers (tribbles love Vulcans) while baking a Borg cube cake.

Spock oven mitt
Use this for your tea, Earl Grey, hot. ThinkGeek