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Spider Holster redefines 'shoot from the hip'

A novel way to carry your dSLR debuts this summer.

Spider Camera Holster

Bags and backpacks may be efficient ways to carry your equipment, but even the slingiest of sling bags can still be hard to maneuver and neck straps weigh and chafe after a while. Photographer Shai Eynav felt the pain and did something about it: he's developed what looks like a variant on a cell phone holster that lets you hang your dSLR from your belt.

The Spider Camera Holster takes a veteran design--a post that slides down into a well, leaving the attached object to dangle and rotate freely--and adapts it to work with the tripod socket on a camera.

It's a novel approach with some merit, although all the photographers here predicted that our pants would be around our knees if we tried it with a lens as heavy as the one pictured. I can also imagine the bruises on my thigh caused by a large pro dSLR like the Nikon D3.

Still, I shoot in a busy area where I need my hands at a moments notice, and this might beat my current solution, which is putting the camera down on any available surface--risking theft and damage.

Slated to ship this summer, the Spider Camera Holster is currently priceless.

Check out the creator's video after the jump.