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Speed up Wi-Fi

A few tips to improve Wi-Fi reception.

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Is your Wi-Fi sluggish? Here are some quick tips for speeding up Wi-Fi.

First things first, how old is your router? If you're using a router that only supports 802.11b, consider an upgrade to a new router ready for the forthcoming 802.11n standard.

If you do that, make sure you upgrade your wireless cards and any repeaters as well so that they're all on the same standard.

If you use 802.11g or N routers don't allow 802.11b devices on your network, they will slow things down.

Hardwire as much as you can. By that, we mean run Ethernet cable from the device to your router. The fewer devices you have competing in the air, the better. Plus the wired connection should be faster and more secure.

Place the router in a central location. Try to keep it away from walls and devices such as TVs and microwave ovens, and keep it about 4-to-6 feet off the ground. Don't put it on the roof.

Do you have a cordless phone? If it's a 2.4GHz wireless phone, it's competing with your router. Try moving the phone into another room, or changing to 900MHz phone.

Finally, if you live in an area with many people running their own Wi-Fi access points, change the channel on your router so you're not fighting your neighbors.

You can do this in the router administration software.