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Speck A-Line Bag is functional and fashionable

Although it's not a brand new product, Speck showed off it's A-line gadget bag at the CTIA 2010 Fall show. It's the perfect gift for the fashionable gadget-loving gal in your life.

All this and more fits into one compact bag. Josh Miller/CNET

Despite the emphasis on convergence for certain tech categories, the sheer number of gadgets many of us continue to schlep around can be rather astounding. I can tell you from experience that carting devices around in bags specifically designed to organize and protect them makes the whole task less daunting (the Built Travel Organizer has saved my sanity on more than one trip). Plus, if you're a woman who has been using a standard purse to carry a vast array of heavy items, I'm sure you've had your fair share of visits to the cobbler.

But hey, I get it: Your purse is so cute, and many gadget bags are so...not. That's where the Speck A-Line Bag comes in. This lovely little accessory caught my eye at CTIA this fall and is definitely one of my top three favorite items from the show. Its gray wool-like exterior and deep purple contrast drew me in like a moth to a flame (two other color combos are also available). It's true: I'm a sucker for anything that is both tech-friendly and stylish.

I really like that the A-Line bag seems so durable. It features a single, thick-and-sturdy shoulder strap, a thick outer shell, and a double-stitched lining that practically dares me to carry something heavy enough to tear it. The bag also integrates several useful pockets and pouches to tuck away all of the tech I constantly tote: a padded interior slot for a Netbook or tablet; two fleece-lined pockets for a phone and an MP3 player; a back compartment for a wallet, checkbook, and pen; and a front interior pouch for extras like a mini notepad, keys, and lip gloss. Plus, the overall size of the bag isn't overwhelmingly large, and it keeps its shape when stuffed full.

Truly, the Speck A-Line Bag is one of the best designed bags I've come across. Of course, it's not big enough for a traditional laptop, and it's clearly made with a woman's taste in mind, so it's not for everyone. But for my money ($59.95 to be exact), this is one of the better options on the market--and it would make an excellent gift during the upcoming holidays.