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Speakers provide mood lighting for the TV

Yamaha set is an alternative to buying an Ambilight LCD.

Akihabara News

If you like the idea of an "Ambilight" TV but aren't ready to replace your wall-mounted LCD just yet, there may be an alternative--especially if you're in the market for some new home theater speakers.

Yamaha and Koizumi have partnered for a new pair that feature three 25-watt halogen lamps behind each speaker. When positioned on either side of the TV, the speakers can shine their lights against the wall and effectively create a type of backlighting without having to buy one of those pricey Philips sets with built-in LEDs. Better still, the brightness can be controlled by the accompanying remote. If all that's too subdued for your taste, however, you can always mod your system with an Illuminaire kit with neon colors and, of course, a strobe.