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Speaker satellites for the iPhone

The DLO Portable Speakers for iPhone let you enjoy your music and videos in stereo sound without any threat of RF interference.


There's clearly no shortage of speaker sets for the iPod, but what about its call-happy brother the iPhone? In fact, since it uses the same proprietary 30-pin connector as its phoneless counterparts, the iPhone works with many of the sound systems that were designed with the iPod in mind. However, none of those speakers have integrated technology to prevent electromagnetic interference. That's where the new DLO Portable Speakers for iPod come in. (How's that for creative naming?)

The speakers, which cost a reasonable $49.99, offer an interference-free amplifier. The unit also comes with two orbiting speakers that can be placed in any configuration around the base, which can hold the iPhone--or iPod Touch, for that matter--in either portrait or landscape orientation. As such, there's no dock connector, and the iPhone/iPod won't be charged in the base. You can, however, use the 3.5mm connection to connect any audio device. The speaker can be powered by the included AC adapter, or by four AAA batteries, making it quite the versatile unit. Plus, each speaker snaps onto the base to create an enclosed, six-inch ball for easy transport. Neat!

Nope, that's not a Sony Rolly. DLO