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Spacecraft watch perfect for Imperial officers

For a cool $33,400 you can own one of these offbeat titanium timepieces, which look like 1970s sci-fi props.

Romain Jerome

I'm not sure, but I think I saw one of these for sale in Mos Eisley.

If you thought RJ-Romain Jerome's DeLorean watch was a nice if pricey testament to your retro cred, its new Spacecraft timepiece is another sleek throwback, but for more than double the price.

The luxury brand announced a limited set of 99 of these old-school science fiction timepieces, each priced at $33,400. How many Galactic Standard Credits is that?

In looks and function, this "pilot's watch" is a bit like one of those puzzling Tokyoflash Kisai pieces, but it's easier to use.

The minutes are indicated by a black rotating disc on the face, while the hours are displayed by a spring-driven carriage and red cursor on the side. It has 54 jewels.

Inside the PVD-coated titanium case is a complex self-winding movement, which is partly seen in the promo vid below.

"The combination of these four functions--lateral, linear, jumping, and retrograde hours--is unprecedented," the company quoted watchmaker Jean-Marc Wiederrecht as saying.

Pity that the strap of black polyamide mesh seems a mere afterthought, but it would at least match standard-issue Imperial belts and boots.