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'Spaceballs' Lego Winnebago-spaceship set needs to be real

A Lego set idea for the galactic RV from "Spaceballs" takes Yogurt's merchandising advice to heart. May the Schwartz be with it.

Lego Spaceballs Winnebago
The Schwartz is strong with this Lego concept set. NvdK

"Star Wars" fever is at a high pitch with "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" coming in December, and "Star Wars"-themed Lego sets are always popular toy items. Perhaps some of that love will rub off on the sci-fi series' most famous parody, Mel Brooks' "Spaceballs."

A Lego concept version of the movie's space-worthy Winnebago is gathering support on Lego Ideas, a site where fans submit Lego plans in hopes of having them made into official sets. The Eagle 5 is a lot less impressive than the Millennium Falcon, but it does have a kitchenette and secret hyperjets.

The Eagle 5 Lego concept is faithful to its inspiration. It's beige and brown with both wheels and wings. Creator NvdK says it would come with a Captain Lone Starr minifig armed with a Schwartz-saber. In case you need a refresher, the Schwartz is the "Spaceballs" equivalent of the Force from "Star Wars."

I would like to see a whole series of "Spaceballs" minifigs, including Yogurt (Yoda), Dark Helmet (Darth Vader) and Barf (Chewbacca). A high-stepping, straw-hat-wearing alien spawn minifig would really complete the collection.

The Eagle 5 set has had a little trouble summoning the power of the Schwartz. It needs to collect 10,000 supporters before Lego will even consider the project for production. It currently has a little more than 1,500 with 142 days left to gather the rest. Come on, people. We need to cross-pollinate the Lego universes of "Star Wars" and "Spaceballs." I want to see Lego-Chewbacca take on Lego-Barf.

Lego Spaceballs set
The secret hyperjets are hidden in back. NvdK

(Via Technabob)