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Space Roller dice from the future glow in the dark

Tabletop role-playing games with sci-fi flair deserve a set of dice that match their futuristic aesthetic and stand out when the lights are low.

Space Roller dice
Roll these dice for your tabletop space adventures. D.Link Studio

Not every tabletop role-playing game involves ancient armor, swords and knights. Some have nanotechnology, robots, spaceships and far-distant planets. If you're the kind of person who enjoys pairing your gaming accessories with the content of your games, then you might want a set of Space Roller dice from Kickstarter.

The Space Rollers look like they tumbled out of the future and onto your tabletop. They have carved edges and circuit board-inspired dot patterns. Even better, the lines and dots glow in the dark. They are constructed from resin.

The dice are available is several different finishes, including black, white and broze. The glowing part of the design is available in either neon blue or neon green. A neon orange glow will be available if the project tops $50,000. A set of two dice costs a $13 (about £8, AU$18) pledge.

There seems to be some pent-up demand for futuro-dice. The Kickstarter rolled over its original $15,000 goal and is now up over $46,000 in pledges with 18 days left to run.

As usual with any crowdfunding campaign, it's up to the pledgers to determine if the project is likely to deliver as expected. There's always an element of risk. If all goes as planned, then the Space Roller dice will give gamers an elegant way to roll for sci-fi glory.