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'South Park' has fun with Apple, iPhone tracking

In a beautifully balanced episode of "South Park," Kyle discovers that this iPhone tracking is a really big deal when the suits from Apple arrive to take his blood.

Is Cartman's iPad for real? Is iPhone tracking a real problem?

No and yes. At least, according to "South Park."

In a haunting and touching episode, Kyle takes the fanboy line that the brouhaha around Apple's little iPhone tracking controversy is all haha and no brou.

That is until some dark-suited men from Apple accost him. They want to take blood from him.

Watch out, Kyle. Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Apparently, when Kyle downloaded the last iTunes update, he clicked "agree" to the latest terms and conditions. Fatally. This allowed Apple's trackers to take him to the water tank.

Kyle runs for help. "These business-casual G-Men are trying to kidnap me," he screeches to his friends. Naturally, they all read all of the terms and conditions every time they download an iTunes update.

"Apple's inner workings are top secret to all users," declares one of the G-Men to Kyle's dad, shortly before tasering him.

I won't spoil the rest for you. You may have a long day ahead of you. However, I will tell you that Eric's mom tries to talk him into a Toshiba Handybook.

Oh, and by the way, Steve Jobs does make an appearance, selling the HumancentiPad. See if you can work out what that might be.