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Source: No broad job cuts planned at Microsoft

Although it may do some reshuffling and targeted job reductions in the new fiscal year, Redmond is not planning broad or deep layoffs, a source tells CNET.

Microsoft may eliminate some jobs as it begins a new fiscal year, however the company is not expected to undergo massive layoffs along the lines of what it did last year, when thousands of jobs were eliminated, according to a source.

The cuts currently being considered are along the lines of the company's historical pattern, in which it undergoes a yearly reshuffling that sometimes results in jobs being cut in some areas at the same time new positions are added in other areas, the source told CNET.

After shedding jobs last year, Microsoft added around 1,800 jobs in the January to March quarter and also boosted its ranks during the just-ended March-to-June quarter, although it has not released exact figures. The company's new fiscal year began July 1.

Microsoft declined to comment on the matter, following a report on Seattle-area tech site that some cuts could come as soon as Wednesday.

Concern over possible layoffs is the latest in a barrage of tough news for Redmond, including the loss of two top Entertainment and Devices executives and the cancellation of the Kin phone project in the wake of disappointing sales.

Last January's layoffs marked the company's first-ever across-the-board job cuts, though the company has made targeted reductions.