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Sony's VRD-MC10: DVD movies straight from your Handycam

New non-PC DVD recorder is on the way from Sony.

This story has been corrected. The VRD-MC10 will not replace the existing VRD-MC5 model, as stated in a previous version of this blog. Both models will co-exist.

Sony's all-new CRD-MC10 DVD burner. Sony

Sony Japan will "soon" release its all-new VRD-MC10 DVD recorder, a device that allows for playing and recording video footage from Handycam camcorders and other sources directly onto a DVD without using a computer.

The VRD-MC10 DVD is a step above Sony's Handycam-to-DVD VRD-MC5 recorder series, which does the same but with limited support for other sources and functionality.

The VRD-MC10 extends its support to more sources, including CompactFlash, Memory Stick (both regular and Duo), and SD/xD. It also has an array of input ports for analog R/L audio in, video in, S-Video in, DV in, and a standard USB port. All these help make it by far the most versatile PC-agnostic DVD recorder on the market.

The VRD-MC10, however, doesn't support Blu-ray Disc, disappointing considering Sony is the major sponsor of the format and this type of media is getting more and more popular. Other than that, the VRD-MC10 supports all hi-def formats, including 1080p.

The new recorder measures 8x3x9 inches and features a built-in 2.7-inch color LCD screen for menu access and preview. When it becomes available, it will cost about 44,800 yen (roughly $410). You can either wait for it or get the previous model, VRD-MC5, for $200.

(Via SonyInsider)